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If you haven’t started your recordings yet and dont know how many tracks you will need, pleese contact me via Instagram beforehand. In the following you can calculate the possible price for your Project.

Price Calculator

Basic Information
Please check which Service's you need and if your Beat is delivered in stems (not needed for WAV or MP3 2-Track beats)
Vocal Mixing Detail
>Modern Sound< included >Creative Effects< included>High Quality Vocal Processing< included
[BONUS] Vocal Tuning
If you want manual Vocal Tuning (in addition to Auto-Tune) to achieve the best pitch result possible check the box bellow. This prodecure is very time consuming because the vocals needs to be pitched by hand.
Mastering Details
[optional] check one of the two Options for a better master.>Mastering Basic< Included
Get graphical and visual support for your release!
Preference Information
here you can describe how your song should sound like (german / english)
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Whats next ?

What is mastering ? gold ?

Mixing is the processing of the instruments and the vocals with some effects and setting according to the environment. Mastering is balancing the finished mix for different Output devices such as Headphones, Speaker, Radio, Streaming Services and so on. Mastering Basic is just loudness based and will make your song loud enough for the streaming services Mastering Gold is done in a different project. The finished mix will be placed in a new session and in regard to professional prodiuctions settings will be applied to make the sound competetativ

When to use Creative Effects Plus ?

Some productions in the modern industry need some special effects to get the song on the next level. This Effects are Reverby, Delays, Flangers, Pitch effects and others. They must be placed on selected sections and must be processed manually. This work requires more effort

What is manual Vocal Tuning ?

If needed every mixing service has AutoTune included (automatic pitch correction) but in order to get the cleanest sound possible some verses need to be pitched by hand to bypass pitch errors and other artefacts. I use Melodyne Studio for this process and tune every syllable manually

How many Tracks do I need to select ?

The number of tracks is related to the number of audio recordungs you have during your session.
Please take in mind that multiple recording takes, which relate to one section of the track is counted as one track.
Example Session Recordings => [Hook 1, Part 1.1 (first take of first part) , Part 1.2, Bridge, Part 2, Hook Double Left , Hook Double Right, Part 1 Double rhymes, Part 2 Double rhymes , Adlips]
This Song has 8 Tracks. Hook Double Left/Right is counted as one (stereo)track. Part 1 is one track regardless of the recording takes needed to record the first part.
Parts, Hooks, Bridges are counted differently regardless of recording takes


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