Raf Camora x Bonez MC x 187 MIXING TEMPLATE


You allways wanted to sound like the top in germany ? With this mixing Template you will be able now to get into the workflow of professional Mixing and Mastering. Included are the most commen vocal-chains and vocal-effects of Raf Camora and the 187 Gang. Besides the vocal mixing Presets you will get a whole template in which you only need to insert your tracks, or record into the template on our exclusive recording track. The routing also has been done and you will get a bunch of reverb/delay and filter effects which you can put on your vocals in order to achieve a fantastic sound! Read the description for details, cheers!

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MIXING TEMPLATE for Studio One, Cubase, FL Studio and Cakewalk!

This Template is available for all common DAWs! If your DAW isnt included just hit me up via Instagram and I will take care of it (no Logic). The Templates were built via Studio One Pro 5, Cubase 10, FL Stdudio 20 and 2020 Version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. If you have a DAW Version newer than those you should be able to open the files without any trouble, but you should take in mind that you will not be able to use the Template with previous Versions (e.g. Studio One 4).

You can choose between STOCK PLUGINS, FabFilter and WAVES Plugins

Every effect-chain inside the template is built via stock plugins, so everyone of you will be able to produce fire shit with those settings. Moreover you will get every prestet for FabFilter and Waves Plugins as well! If you want to use only the Waves Version just bypass every Stock and FabFilter Plugin on the insert! With this concept you will be able to use the advantage of the template in combination with your favorite Plugins!




Studio One, FL Studio, Cubase, Cakewalk


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